Clement Consulting | Media Strategy and Analysis
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About David

Since starting the business in 2013, I have been focused on a variety of projects in the political arena. These projects include campaign management, comprehensive research projects, communications consulting and media strategy. Notably, projects I have worked on have received national media attention with widespread coverage from coast to coast.

What I Do

Media monitoring, analysis and strategy

Media monitoring, analysis and strategy can help propel your campaign to the next level. Our media consulting services include monitoring, in depth analysis and strategic evaluation. While covering broadcast, online, social and traditional media outlets, our services provide real time tracking of your campaign’s presence. With that we work closely with you to manage and grow your campaign’s media portfolio, analyze the effectiveness of current strategies, and provide optimization strategies for swift adjustments and improved outcomes.

Non-profit consultation

Nonprofits face a unique set of obstacles which require not only a background in nonprofit work, but an understanding of how nonprofits can succeed in a competitive environment. Our non profit services include program design and implementation, branding and communication strategy, media assistance, event promotion and government/regulatory consultation.

Communications strategy and public relations

In today’s marketplace, your message, how it is branded, and how it is understood by the public at large is more important than ever. Effective communication strategies are vital for any campaign or program to be successful. Our communications and PR services include social media, content marketing, brand development, campaign research, preparation and promotion.

In the Media

Past and Present Projects